Mileage:100812 M
Engine:289 V8
1967 Ford Mustang Coupe 289 V8 5-Speed Black in San Francisco

This restomod needs nothing but a AAA card for peace of mind to be driven across the country. The bad: The only working instrument gauge is the fuel gauge, the carburetor has not been rebuilt since at least 2015 and car has sat since 2017 so it may be varnished with ethanol residue, and the aftermarket steering wheel has play. The good: The car had a $15,000 (2017 dollars) paint job and mechanical service in 2017 and has since been driven about 20 miles and only washed once. Selling because moving. Clean body, no rust, strong drivetrain, clear title. Serious buyers only.

Video at
shows a cold start after sitting 48 hours (the second time it's been started in 5 years) and some parking. Additional photos at 289 T-5 Black

1. Windshield and rear window molding.

Mods: (I lost the list of mods and am listing what is visible. It's not a 300+ rwhp car.)
1. T-5 manual transmission
2. Front disc brakes
3. 600 cfm Holley 4-Barrel Carburetor: "D4TE-9510-ASA LIST-6830 472" from 1974 Ford M.D. trk F250 Camper 390 eng. auto Trans.
4. Bucket seats
5. Tires: Goodyear Eagle GT II P215/60R14 with good tread
6. Tint: Front 20%, Sides and rear 5%
7. Grant 773 Formula GT Steering Wheel, black, 13 inches
8. Champion Radiator
9. Triple instrument panel
10. Mufflers, closest to "quiet"
11. Fiberglass hood with hood pins
12. Front sway bar
13. KYB GR-2 Shocks
14. Leaf spring blocks
15. Bluetooth head unit, Pioneer DEH-6400BT, with MTX Audio Road Thunder 6" Subwoofer Enclosure (disconnected)

1. New $15,000 (2017 dollars) service for paint, engine, exhaust has less than 20 miles on it. The shop, Cowden Automotive/All Pro Mechanicx And Auto Body, confirmed the car is straight and strong and worth building further. Drove it from the shop to my garage where it sat from 2017 to 2022. Work included: "Complete exterior paint job included stripping paint, repairing dents and scratches, bondo all panels, prime and seal all panels including jams, paint and clear coat and reinstall all parts removed for paint. Intake and timing cover gaskets replaced. Rear muffler and tailpipe assembly. Vacuum leak was plugged at rear of the carburetor and replaced broken radiator overflow hose."
2. Working power steering, headlights, tail lights, turn signals, wipers, emergency flashers, door locks, parking brake, trunk. Shifting is smooth and clutch return strong with no judder. Windows roll down relatively smoothly with some resistance, more on the passenger door.
3. New battery 7/16/22, Part # 24RPRMJ, CCA 600 at 0F, CA 750 at 32F.
4. Receipts from previous owner who built it and current owner.

Bad: (In decreasing order of severity)
1. Needs carb cleaned because of likely varnish due to sitting from 2017-2022 and for most of 2016-2017. I may not have used fuel stabilizer. Intermittent throttle sticking the last 5% of return travel when leaving from a stop after spending minutes feathering 20-point turns to exit garage in heavy traffic. Exhaust is clean and doesn't smell overly rich, but I can't test at high RPM because of traffic. Carb has not been cleaned or rebuilt since I bought the car in 2015. A dried 1" leaf was found sitting on top of the throttle plates before I revived it, so things are getting past the air element. The accelerator linkage and carburetor choke linkage points should be lubed as part of maintenance. Note there is an apparent duct tape spacer on the carburetor's divorced choke spring(?) dialed in by the previous owner which prevents the choke from fully closing, see video at Google Photos . The carb is apparently set up for 100*F weather in San Jose and 50*F weather in San Francisco. Video of idle after first start in 5 years, 1 minute after startup: Google Photos
2. Steering wheel has around one inch of play and to go straight you hold the wheel 15 degrees to the right. I brought this up when the car was painted as an alignment or steering concern and was told it is due to the low-quality steering wheel which should be replaced. See: Yikes, what is wrong with a Grant GT Steering wheel? , grant steering wheel loose - Google Search
3. Instrument Gauges do not work reliably, only the fuel works and indicates 60% when the tank is full. The speedometer used to work, and maybe the rest of the gauges too. Shop said they checked and gauges worked, unsure why. DMV notice from 5/29/14 has handwritten note "82,000 miles odometer" by previous owner.
4. Light fluid leaks under car shown after 5 years of sitting. Worst is coolant leak which showed a little new fluid after trying to start it with a battery which needed replaced on 7/15/22. No additional leaks since, as of 7/20/22.
5. Seats can be reclined and tilted forward but do not scoot forward or backwards. Fits a 5'11.5" driver with 34" inseam with 90 degree bend arms.
6. Driver's side door lock sticks, needs opened from inside sometimes. Intermittent, feels like linkage clanks harder at end of travel when successful. Unsure if related to painted door button.
7. Horn does not work. The current Grant 773 steering wheel may be at fault.
8. Sticky residue on trunk lid from cheap masking tape used to hold up towel to hide car when garage door is open, and to park bicycle against car and use trunk lid as shelf. Dust underneath towel has caused scratches. Car was washed by removing dust with air compressor, rinsing car with low-pressure water, removing dust with new microfiber cloth, and washing with new coral fleece mitten using RainX Car Wash, and rinsing with low-pressure water. 10x120mm sticky residue on right side. 10x70mm scratch.
9. 10x70mm Kawasaki green paint mark on left of trunk rear.
10. 10x3mm scratch to paint on left quarter panel.
11. 60x1mm mark on left quarter panel, and a handful more. May buff out.
12. 55x3mm vertical mark on left quarter panel, and a handful more. May buff out.
13. 17x8mm scratch to primer on rear edge of left quarter panel.
14. 10x2mm scratch on left quarter panel.
15. 20x2mm mark on left quarter panel. May buff out.
16. 8x2mm paint chip on top of passenger door top window trim.
17. 14x10mm paint chip on outer edge of passenger door sill, partially visible from outside with door closed.
18. Shift knob is rotated 90 degrees when fully tightened.
19. Console shifter plate moves freely, needs secured with 4 screws.
20. Power steering belt thrown when wheel turned to full lock right at a stop in parking spot on 7/19/22, I understand this is to be expected due to high pressure from the pump.
21. Rear window handles came uninstalled in parts bag with car, unsure why.
22. Headlight door ring bezels came uninstalled in parts bag with car, unsure why.
23. The installed door mirror is cheaply designed with only one fastener. Stock remote exterior mirror is included.
24. Windshield washer reservoir hose has leak.
25. Spare tire is P215/70R14, unsure if it will fit in front.
26. Head unit does not power on, unsure why.
27. One spark plug wire boot is duct taped.
28. Duct tape used to hold carpet to firewall has failed. The underside of the dash is the least presentable part of the car.
29. Parking brake has resistance on last 10% of travel, may need lubed.
30. Door sill plates bent on ends and catch feet when exiting. Visible paint chipping on ends.
31. Paint chips on both door sills. These have not worsened since they were noticed a week after car was picked up from shop.
32. Driver door window vibrates when retracted. Resting arm on the top of the retracted window quiets it. Paint chips on top of painted window trim.
33. Small paint chips with surface rust on door jambs.
34. Slight rubbing of trunk lid edges.
35. 20x30mm paint chip with surface rust under front-left trunk lid corner, not visible from outside.
36. Crack on dashboard surface above gauges.

Car was built as a father and son high-school project in San Jose in 2011-2013. I bought it in 2015 and added less than 200 miles. Car was serviced and painted in 2017 and garage parked until I started working on reviving the car on 7/15/22.