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1967 Help #6 Repost

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Hey guys.... If you have been listening in on the 1967 Help series, (Mach1 this means you), I need your help now. That mustang I was looking at with the bad torque boxes and other rust damage. It was just dropped in price to $1400. It also comes with new panels for the floors and fenders. Should I jump on this??? I talked to the guy. I know there is rust but I have the connections to people who can weld. I think I want to get it but I'm not sure. Please write back if you have any info.

Ps. If you guys go to, and search for a 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible you will find it. There is a picture there.

Thanks a lot.


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In my opinion that car needs too much work. And I'm not afraid to tackle a big project as you can see. But this car needs too much.

I would find a nicer coupe if that's your budget.

Coppertone's current condition:
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