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1967 help #8

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Well I'm sure all of you know of my search for the 1967 convertible by now so I'm now
going to get as many general questions I have answered until then.

1)How had would it be to increase the mph readings on the speedometer... ie from top
120 to top 180mph
2)Where can I find a stock looking repro tach dash....
3)Anyone know a good cheap place to buy Elderbrock part

Thanks again guys.... I hope these questions will keep some of you busy till I get more

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You can change the speedo by putting in a different drive gear in the tranny, but changing it by 50% is asking a bit much. The whole system is mechanically designed and run, so it would not be simple to change the speedo itself. If you could, when it reads 30 mph, it would really be 45 mph. You'd have to do the conversion in your head.

There are aftermarket dash kits for 65/66 that are electronic, expensive, but might do the trick... me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting! Formerly known as Midlife in the old VMF.
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You could try and find a metric speedometer. They measure in kilometers per hour. At least it would seem like you are going faster :)

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HAHAHAAHHAHAHAH, that was funny. I needed that. :)

Thanks.. that was funny.... and I think I am going to look for an aftermarket one.... Didn't Ford have a 180 mph speedometer as an option???
How about a 140mph speedo? They made those, although they be hard to find and you can not have mine. fd

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Dakota makes a digital dash replacement, they run around $500.00
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