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1967 Help part 2....

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Hey guys thanks for sticking with me.... I'm still hunting for my dream 1967 convertible. I have a new engine for it... got a 390... So you all know... i don't care if my parts are original... but I want to stay with mostly stock options on it...

Here are the new questions:

1) Is buying a car from a place where they salt the roads a bad idea???
2)If it has rust damage but comes with most the panels to replace... is it a good deal???
3)What should I look out for when buying a stang in need of restoration???
4)How much do you guess a T-5/Tremec tranny would cost rebuilt???
5)Anyone know a friend selling a project 67 conv. :^) ???
6)Know any good places to look for stangs???

Thanks a lot all, and I hope to get replies no matter what they are.

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Rust = $$$$ and time, Any mustang can be brought back to life, but the more rust take more money. How much do you want to spend on the whole restoration. If you want to drive it soon, stay way from as much of this cance as posible.

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There is nothing wrong with buying cars from the rust belt, provided that you check them carefully and know what you are getting into. There are also lots of restored cars in the rust belt that never see salt and snow anymore.

Getting a car with panels to replace damaged areas is better than one without, but the panel isn't the most expensive part; the labor to replace the panel and make it appear original is what will cost the most.

When buying a stang for restoration, remember that you are still buying a used car and a very old used car at that. Check everything and then check it again.

There is a '67 S-code convertible for sale at Signature Auto Collection that has not yet been restored. Don't know what the asking price is, but you can contact Rick Parker and tell him Bill Pratt referred you from the Vintage Mustang Forum.

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