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Hey guys.... If you have been listening in on the 1967 Help series, (Mach1 this means
you), I need your help now. That mustang I was looking at with the bad torque boxes
and other rust damage. It was just dropped in price to $1400. It also comes with new
panels for the floors and fenders. Should I jump on this??? I talked to the guy. I know
there is rust but I have the connections to people who can weld. I think I want to get it
but I'm not sure. Please write back if you have any info.

Ps. If you guys go to, and search for a 1967 Ford Mustang
Convertible you will find it. There is a picture there.

Thanks a lot.


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Hey Joe...

If it comes with all the sheet metal, and you can get your connections to weld it for free, than you might be ahead of the game.

However, if it's rusted where you can see, it's also rusted where you can't.

My opinion?? Walk away. Go spend 4K on a solid car. It might not be a convertible, but in some areas of the country, you can get a lot of mustang for 5K. Just pick up the want ads and start looking at cars. Be prepared to look at a lot of junk, but knowing you'll eventually come across the right car.

My $02....been there.

69 Fastback 302 2v 3sp. trans.

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Forget it....especially if you want to keep your friends that you have lined up to do the welding!!

Bob White (672nv)

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i'd agree with the above posts - rust work isn't something you want to have to get into just to make a car drivable - if you're going to replace floors, etc. then you should do the job right and fix all of the rust. That = $$$$

You can get a good solid car for a few grand and it will be money much better spent (unless you are set on getting a vert. - that could be a problem). But good coupes are out there.

Good luck

1967 Fastback, 289, C-code, AT, PS,
dark moss green, parchment interior,
GT rear valance and tips
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