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1967 help

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Anyone know good sites of books or anything for welding tips.... I hope to soon make a webpage to show mustang progress.... I need to get it transported first.... Anyone know a good way to sdo that too???
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I like the idea of those auto dimming helmets, pretty cool, but if you weld a lot, I've heard they're not the safest way to go.

I work in construction (management), and most of our welders won't use them. Although, a lot of the rookies do. One old guy told me he wouldn't use them because of the long term damage to his eyes.

It takes (approx) 1/500th of a second for the lense to dim after it senses the strike. That means for every 500 strikes, you have one full second of exposure to your eyes. Perhaps this is a bit anal, but makes sense to me.

With a bit of practice, the old head nod will bring your standard helmet down into position. Heck, it even looks cool if do it right :)

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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