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1967 Master Cylinder in '66

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Will the 1967 Master Cylinder fit in a 1966? I'm planning on installing one of the double chamber ones instead of that single chamber accident waiting to happen....also what brake lines will I need? The rears are already installed with the distribution block. Will I need to use 1967 intermediate and front brake lines and front distribution block?

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Here is what I dd. I'm not saying it's right, but it does work perfectly on my car.

I put a '67 manual drum brake master cylinder in my '65 6 cylinder with manual drum brakes. It fit right into place.

I removed all the old brake lines except for the two pieces at the rear wheels. I also removed the existing distribution block. I fabricated new brake lines (you have to use a Double Flaring tool).

From the rear port of the master cylinder, I ran about ten inches of brake line out and down, then split that with a "T" junction I bought at "Ace hardware" and ran one line from each front wheel from there.

From the forward port of the master cylinder, I ran one long brake line all the way back to the rear axle, and installed it in the "T" fitting Ford had put near the pumpkin.

Like I said, it woks great, and I feel alot better knowing I have the dual reservoirs.

Good luck, I hope it goes smooth for you if you try it.
John Thomas

65 coupe pictures:

66 Convertable pictures:
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