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Little Rock AFB-Jacksonville Arkansas
Its a T code car that has been fully converted! 36788-miles on the car
1967 mustang fastback! Solid car only needs to be sanded down and pop a dent out of the lft fender. It needs floor pans and some spots under the hood need patching.It has a 289 under the hood. It needs minor machine work and the stang will be up and runningin no time. I also have a fresh c-4 with a shift kit to go with her and she has a 9inch rear.It has bucket seat and afold down back seat . All panels are in great shape with no cut outs, just need a good clean up! I bought this car a couple of months ago as a project car but my wife has decided to go back to school and i canot keep this car! I dont have a title for the car you would have to get one through for 150 dollers its legal a mustang restore shop that sold me the car uses them all the time.I just want what i paid 3800 dollers just email me and i will send the pics to you! [email protected]
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