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1967 Ford Mustang fastback
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Got my Dynacorn frame rails welded to the floor supports today. I was test fitting my tcp manual steering rack afterwards and noticed that the lower control arm mounting slot on the passenger side rear was causing the rack not to mount correctly. Got the tape out and noticed the rear side of the passenger mount was about a 1/2" lower than the driver side.
I measured the old shock towers/frame rail and the driver side is correct on the new Dynacorn assembly. The drivers side is 1.5" down from the lip and the passenger side is about 2" from the lip.
I am wondering how to fix this. I can remove the spot welds on the tab that holds the eccentric but there is still 2 more layers of steel behind it.
I'm thinking about welding a plate to fill the old slot, then placing the tab where it should be, marking the new metal I welded in and then creating a new slot. Finally I would weld the eccentric tab on.


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