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May 67 Car. I've checked all of the forum articles on fuel pumps for my 390 GT and still have some questions that I'm sure someone can help with.

1. Parts book says car came with 4194S fuel pump. I see 4194 and 4194M for sale on E-bay. Other than P/N what would be different? Fuel pump I ran for years has M262 and 4194 stamped on top where "button" would have been. Must have been a service pump?

2. I have what was is supposed to be an NOS 4194S. It has CARTER on the side of the casting. On the other side, it has O-1932 on it. It has 4194S stamped on the EDGE of the bolt flange and 6F7B stamped on the other EDGE of the bolt flange. Appears to have the correct lever. Could this be a service part?

3. I see reference to "button top" in the posts. Was that standard on all fuel pumps during 67 and 68 or was it engineered out at some time. Neither of my pumps have a button top.

Thanks for any help (or pics) you can give.

Dennis T
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