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1967 strut rods - do they use cotter pins?

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I pulled my strut rods out of the "pulled from the car and might still need" pile
and noticed that one was slightly bent. Then I noticed that one of them has a
tapered end with a hole drilled through for a cotter pin and the other one doesn't.

Which is correct for a '67 'vert?

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Hi, i'm not sure of this as my coupe had the same thing the drivers side had a cotter pin the passenger side did not John
This I heard from a parts guy at Mustangs plus a few years ago. One rod was made in Canada and the other was made in the US. I think the Canadian one had the hole for the cotter pin. IIRC, its the passenger side rod. No, you don't need to use a cotter pin.

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The rust on strut rod threads on a 67 is unbelievable!!! Who the hell needs cotter pins?

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Originally, 67 Mustangs came with roll pins installed in the strut rods.

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