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1968 Headlight Switch Replacement

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First post, so hello! Glad to be connected with a super knowledgable community here.

I'm starting some work on a 1968 Mustang Fastback and ran into an issue surrounding the headlight switch. I was pulling it out to repaint the dash. Pushed the button to release the handle and rod. Pulled that out. Then went and put a screwdriver in the front of the switch to unscrew the core. The core was seized and not turning and right away, the core face just crumbled causing stripping.

The headlight switch definitely needs to be replaced now. Any idea on how to get this sucker out if it won't unscrew from the face?

Cheers and great to meet you all!
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you may be able to cut part way through the bezel with a Dremel and pop the bezel with a flat blade screw driver in the cut.
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