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Long time lurker that finally decided to register. I have poured over every post here and online and I am still questioning what we can get to fit on my fathers car.
He likes the older look with a taller rear tire and a narrower front tire (but not the pro street narrow look). I am going to post all the info I see you guys usually asking to help out.

1968 Mustang GT (factory 35k mile GT car with factory big block)
Manual steering, hooker super comp full length headers (they are low) it's just going to be a go get ice cream car, car shows, etc...not looking to street race it.

1) Rear suspension is factory 4 leaf, were re-arched to OEM specs
KYB gas shocks, new
Center of axle to top of wheel lip is approx 15.5"
Has chrome wheel lip moldings which don't overhang factory
much if at all, we will trim bump stop bracket if needed
We WONT roll the fender lip.

2) Front suspension is stock A-arm placement with factory coils and kyb
Shocks. We WONT roll the fender lips.

Let me know if you need any more info.

He is looking to run a torque thrust style 15" wheels with just like a BFG T/A tires

Getting the fattest tire in the back is not that important, but he loves the look of a few cars on here that are running the 275/60 rears. I know that tire is tight but what about a 275/50?

Front is open but I would like to get something a little narrow that rides nice and is easy for him to use the manual steering at age 68.

Thanks in advance guys.
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