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I have a 1968 convertable with bad/no front seat belts. I see someone selling a set of 1968 back seat belts in the right color. Since it is a convertable there are no retraters. Are the front and back seat belts interchangeable?

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Sorta. The center buckles (female) are I think close to the same length. But what's diff. about them is the rear straps do have a clear (at least when they were new) vinyl boot on them right were they bolt to the floor. The front was just bare straps. The vinyl boots could be just cut off. As for retractors in convs. the front could of have a dealer installed mini-retractor clipped on the fronts. Took up almost no space. I call them a fat live saver rolls 'cause that's what they remind me of and were chrome. Here's a link to a 66/67 set. See the vinyl covers I mentioned:
http:// / /ws/ ? &item=1851606254&rd=1
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