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Original OEM courtesy warning dash light for park AND seat BELTS. This is the correct setup for a car with both the park and belts courtesy lights AND has the tachometer. Both bezels, park and belts, the wiring harness, the splitter harness, and the relay. This is the full setup needed! I tested and the lights turn on, then off after a bit - as they should. All wires are in great shape with no cuts or splices. All connectors are in great shape except a small peice missing off the yellow one where the bezel twists in. It does not affect the bezel seating or latching - still locks in securly as should - see pic 3. Chrome bezels need clean up or rechrome.
Part numbers are as follows:

OEM park and belts bezels - p/n unknown
OEM wiring harness - C9ZB-10C895-B
OEM relay - C7AB-10B924-B1
OEM splitter harness (yellow splitter block) - C80B-14A318-A - as far as I can tell - its hard to read

$250 - SOLD but I still have the full under dash 69 tach wiring harness - $500

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