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1969-70 351W Mustang AT to Toploader 4-Speed Change-over kit

1970 Toploader 4-speed transmission (RUG-AV)

1970 Hurst/Ford Competition-Plus shifter ass’y (stock in 1970 Mustang)

Bellhousing, flywheel, pressure plate (new), clutch disc (new), throwout bearing, clutch fork, mount bolts.

Clutch linkage (351W Z-bar, rods, springs, brackets, mount bolts)

Transmission mount crossmember and mount bolts.

PDBrake & Clutch pedal ass’y

Drive shaft yoke, Speedometer cable, Back-up light switch

(all miscellaneous parts needed to complete conversion)

Asking $2,500 (contact me at [email protected]) (local pickup only - Niceville, FL)
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