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Perkins has the part # on the boxes but he also shows the casting number in the pictures. His spindles match mine. Ford casting numbers don't necessarily match the actual part #. I think the casting number has more to do with the date that the part was engineered. That is why you have some 1st generation mustang part #'s that were used on Mustang II's and early sixties castings from Fairlanes and Falcons showing up on Mustangs. It also gave Ford the ability to reuse leftover parts and superseed them with a replacement part # by just changing the last letter. Does anyone have a greater knowledge of this procedure?
I don't think I'm understanding something here then. As it relates to the eBay Ad, 1969 NOS B2/Shelby spindles had a 1970 engineering number on them?

The description does state:
Original Ford NOS 1969 Boss 302 and 1969 Shelby C9ZZ-3105-A , C9ZZ-3106-A Spindles and Pair C9ZZ-1102-A Disc Brake Rotors all mint in original Ford Box's.

And where do the KKX Spindles fit into all this, as they were the first BIG SUSPENSION parts for the B2 and late 69 Shelby?
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