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1969 Mach 1 428 CJ R Code Project Car, Red with white interior. Car originally came with Power steering, Power Brakes, 4 speed, 3:25 Taction lok. Door data plate 63C T5 17A 56 R 6. VIN 9F02R15XXXX.

Project car - no engine or transmission.

Body - Needs lower quarters, drop offs and drivers floor pan. Passenger floor pan needs patched. Wrap around Shock towers are perfect, core support aprons frame rails and cowl are great. Torque boxes are good one needs a small patch but not replaced. Fenders are rust free, doors need corners patched.

All glass is good, new hood has never been installed.

Inerior is out of the car except for the dash and guages. I have all interior pieces (except console)but it all needs redone. Non fold down car. Original four speed pedals are still in the car.

Car is still on original suspension and has not been taken apart, All power brake and power steering is still in place. Aftermarket wheels.

Clean Michigan title $7200.
Located in Indianapolis, IN
email [email protected]

To get this car running and pretty... how much do you think restoration would cost if I did all of the work myself??
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