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Might have to print that quote out and and hang it in the garage... Every time I think I've finished all of the repairs, I find a little more.

Thank you! The PVC had been sitting in the garage from our wedding when my wife used it to make a starry light wall. I was glad to find a new use for it.

Hi Alan, that would have been a smart move for sure... It found it's way to the scrap yard before moving to a new state this year for work. I didn't consider saving the old tunnel for future use. I have a full floor ready to go in, I just assumed I would have to modify it as needed for the trans.
In case you aren't aware, a TKO 600 and a TKX will bolt right in with no mods to the trans tunnel. If you want a 6-speed, that will require some cutting.
1 - 1 of 113 Posts