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New price: $35,000 OBO

So these listings cannot be edited and the original asking price was 42,500 in the posting title which may have limited views - hence the new (duplicate) post. Obviously the market has spoken, since no one has looked at the car... Perhaps this should be a cautionary tale for those building these. I have invested far in excess of $50K in this car - but it is time to move on.

1969 Mustang Mach 1
Ford 999 report original equipment:
Built in San Jose (registered in Los Angeles and San Diego since new)
351 Windsor
FMX automatic
3.25:1 open differential
Power steering
Power drum brakes
Sportdeck rear seat
Indian fire red paint
AM radio

This car was fully media blasted and has had a full rotisserie restoration. Every wear item is brand new, every original item fully reconditioned. There are many posts on this forum documenting this build...

Rebuilt original parts:
Fully rebuilt steering box
Fully rebuilt power steering pump
Fully rebuilt power steering
Flawless and fully functional rimblow steering wheel
Seats reupholstered in genuine NOS comfort-weave (Note: comfort weave reflects camera flashes due to its woven nature and does not appear true black in photos taken with flash… it really is black)
Teak interior, not the more common walnut.
All new genuine Moog suspension and steering components
New brakes and rotors/drums
All new AMK hardware
All new hoses
All new springs and shocks
Original black plates with 1969 registration sticker; YOM ear tags for valid registration.

This car has been modified; however it could easily be reverted to stock other than the color change.
Car has been garaged and has less than 2000 miles since total rebuild.

Painted Ford torch red with Glasurit paint
Flawless show quality paint finish; fully color sanded with no orange peel.
Rear wing added.
Converted to front wheel disc brakes/spindles using factory donors from a 69 Mustang
Converted to manual brakes using Maverick master cylinder
Converted to a 1994 roller cam 351 Windsor block
Forged internals, 10.5:1 compression, 393 stroker crank/rods
AFR 185 heads
JBA ceramic headers
Edelbrock manifold, carburetor, and rolling thunder cam.
Magnaflow stainless steel exhaust with quad tips
Genuine OEM dual exhaust rear valence.
Custom AOD 4-speed automatic transmission with wide ratio gear set
Edge 3500 stall speed torque converter
Currie 3.7:1 torque sensing differential (final drive in 1st is 10:1)
Total Control Products subframe connectors
Custom wheels
Antenna delete (original antenna included)
Modern radio with reproduction bezel (original AM radio and bezel included)
Lower dash is from an AC car. Speakers hidden in AC bullets.
Stainless steel doorsills

Items to address:
It is running rich and would benefit from a dyno tune/re-jet
There is a leak from the transmission cooling line fittings (I have lost access to my garage with lift to address this)
The chrome trim around the clock needs to be refurbished.

I travel a lot so responses may be delayed. Thank you for looking!


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