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I am posting this car for a friend of a friend. Last night was the first time I saw this car and the
follow information is all I have. So if you need more information or pictures, please call the
number listed at the bottom.

1969 Mach 1 Vin # : 9F02M156909

Door tag has the following: Body, 63c/ Color, C / Trim, 3AA/ Date, 07B/
DS,55/ Axle, 9/ Trans. 1.

Car was Black Jade and now is Maroon with black Mach 1 interior. Recent paint job and
Interior by Ace Apholstery. Car has console, rear window slats, and rear spoiler. Has
American Racing wheels and new B.F. Goodrich tires, 235/60/15. Hood scoop with turn

Please call Mike Stuettgen at (262) 628-4079 between 6:00pm - 9:00pm
for more information or pictures. He is aksing $14,000 OBO.
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