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I am in the process of selling off some body parts that are no longer needed due to the direction I am going in with this restoration.

Ford bonnet scoop with turn signal lamps and reproduction signal light harness $160
LH Fender $170
RH Fender $170
Reproduction front bumper $60
Ford front bumper center supports $50
Reproduction front bumper center and side supports $25
2-LH front fender extensions $175, $125
2-RH front fender extensions $125 ea
Reproduction stone deflector and grill support $20
Front grill with 3 mustang emblem $75
Reproduction front valance $40
LH & RH reproduction front turn signals $80
LH & RH Tail lamps with new housings, lenses and gaskets $160
Reproduction GT flip open gas cap $125
LH Quarter ornament with new chrome $75
RH Quarter ornament with new chrome $75
2-LH rear quarter extensions $25 ea
2-RH rear quarter extensions $25 ea
Ford coupe / convertible Trunk lid $325
Reproduction trunk lid and quarter extensions chrome moldings $50
Reproduction coupe / convertible wheel opening chrome moldings $50
Ford 7/8" anti sway bar $95

1 - 3 of 3 Posts