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I have a 1969 mustang convertible 302 2v, auto, ps, ptop. Car is Silver jade and black interior. I just put $3740 into getting a professional to complete the floor inner rocker/torque box repairs. I also have a nice set of front fenders and headlight buckets on it/That cost me $450. Brakes just done(All new really), technically it runs and drives but (I don't have lights connected,etc). Needs minor work on the header to dual exhaust system. I have easily $11000 in the car, I don't have it in me (right at this moment to finish it) so I thought I might offer it here for $8000 (firm). It runs sweet. /I think with about $2500 to $3000 figuring $1500 of that at maaco and $700 for a new top you could be cruising in a very low budget neat hot looking Mustang convertible.
ALSO and seperately; I bought the SHELBY hood,valence, trunk lid, quarter extensions and tail light panel to clone this car but that won't happen now maybe (so those panels are available. I can get my hands on Nice used repop Shelby front fenders/ I would have about all the necessary glass to make it happen (no lower valence panel or side scoops). Let me know if you have interest. I am sure you know what it takes to get the floors inner rockers done right. this car was done by a professional at $70 per hour.
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