Mileage:72000 M
I have a 1969 302 Mustang for sale. Asking 8,000 obo

It is the typical story, bought from someone who didn't have the time to finish it. Worked on it for a bit, then my wife and I had a kid, and now another is on the way so it is time to move on.

The car is currently not working, because it doesn't have the gas tank connected. Was redoing the trunk when work got stopped. Have the trunk panels "dry" fit and the tail light panel still needs to be lined up. Then welding prep and cleanup that I was planning on doing myself.

The car is going to need bodywork to be done right. It looks okay in the photos from a distance, but there is some paint chipping especially on the driver's door.

The seat interior is okay, the interior door panels are a little beat up, and there is no radio. The Dashboard is put back together and the aftermarket gauges have been removed in place of having the gauge cluster working again.

Side view mirrors need to be replaced ( which I have)

I can provide a list of additional parts I have for interested parties.(roughly $1,000 worth)

Adding some pictures and videos here from what I have on my phone. Let me know if there are specifics you'd like to see.

(videos from before I tore out the trunk)