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1969 Mustang Experts - decal placement & paint ?

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I have a 69 mach 1 with the 428scj, built on May 16th in San Jose. I received the driver door decal, however I am unsure how it fits to be original. Does it sit sideways so it fits, or horizonily which makes it bend in the corners?

Also, since this car is from San Jose, what do I paint the hood latch hardware and fender braces? I've seen them painted black to match and a greyish color in shows. What do people use for the "X's", that appear to be chalk/

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I can answer the color question regarding the hood latch and brace pieces. Only the Dearborn Mustangs received the dark grey paint on the shock tower braces, the hood latch brace and the grill mount. As for the door decal, I've seen them done both ways. It depended on the mood of the installer at the plant. The white "X-'s" were made with paint sticks which you can buy from AMK.
My SportsRoof still sports the original decal and it was built in San Jose on May 8. The decal is horizontal. As for the braces San Jose cars tended to be black.
My San Jose car also has the door tire pressure sticker mounted horizontally (so you can read w/o turning your head to the side). It is bent in the upper left corner.
WOW!! Excellent responses, and very quick too! I sure do appreciate the help everyone. If anyone has a pciture of their original location could you post it?

Thanks again! Whooo hooo!
My Metuchen Mustang had the original sticker right reading, on the passenger door. This WAS the original sticker and why on the other door? were Metuchen cars this way??

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