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THIS IS THE ORIGINAL MUSTANG MUSCLE CAR! For those thinking Ford quit producing Mustang GTs in 1968, look at the book Mustang 1964 ½ - 1973 by Mike Mueller page 83 for more info. For proof that mine is indeed a GT Mustang, I can provide my door codes and the build sheet (window sticker) which lists the GT Equipment Group option. The car is Candyapple Red with white interior. It also has optional power front disk breaks.

I purchased this from Oliver Ford Motor Company in Plymouth, Indiana 3 years ago, who verified the authenticity of this being an all original Mustang GT. Only 5,396 GTs were ever made! This body style later became the Mach 1 and Boss’s. This GT also had the optional 351 4V engine which made it more rare and increased the horse power from 250 to 290. I spoke to Ford, and also they did not have an exact number, their guestimate was 15 to 25% of the GTs had the 4V engine.

The car runs excellent. I have taken one extended trip of 250 miles per way for a family reunion and had no problems.

I just had the car painted this year at Diamond Ford, MI using original Ford Paint, matching it's original paint color and style. I also replaced (with originals or Ford OE Tooling) the 351 hood emblems, side mustang emblems and rear bumper. All parts came from National Parts Depot. I have kept the originals and they go with the car. It also has new tires, plugs, wires, and air filter. The exterior is in excellent shape with no rust! The interior is also in excellent shape. No seat tears, dash gashes, or carpet tears. Head liner is great also.

The car is kept in a heated garage, so winter weather has never been a factor. I have many pics I can e-mail anyone interested as well as a short video of me starting the car and going down the road. All you need is WinZip to extract the file and the ability to receive a 3 MB e-mail attachment.

Minor car needs are as follows: The doors pull cups need replaced (cost of 7.95 ea. at National Parts Depot). The only reason I did not do it is I wanted to do it in person rather than through shipment to verify color match. The clock does not work. The gas gauge does not work due to the original tank being replaced with the larger 16 gallon tank. The sending unit was never put in the larger gas tank. Finally, the windshield has a thin gash from what appears to be someone running the wipers without a blade.

My e-mail address is [email protected] if you would prefer to contact me that way
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