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I bought this car to restore it, but found that I was in over my head. So, I'm selling it now. It needs a full resto. The interior is all out of the car besides the dash, steering, etc. It has a 302 in it right now. (not original) But I do have a '69 351W, complete also (but disassembled, and needs at least bored out) that will come with the car. It has an auto tranny also in the car still, don't know what kind though. Most likely a c4. The 302 is in very good condition, but doesn't run right now because I got it ready to be taken out...took the alternator off, radiator is out, etc..just needs unbolted and pulled. No windshield, but rest of glass is there and in good condition. I'll have pictures soon, but don't expect it to look pretty. A lot of things have been taken off the car. (BUT I have ALL the parts I've taken off in the basement and they will all go with the car) I also have two front floor pans and torque boxes to go with it also. The driveshaft is out also but like I said the car is COMPLETE and all the parts will go with it, they just aren't on the car.
Now, for what needs done....
Complete body resto...a lot of rust here.
All of this needs repaired:
Both front floors need replaced (the pass. side front floor is already cut out)
Pass. side rear quarter, bottom needs patched
Both doors need skins (rust at the bottom)
Tail light panel has a few rust holes
The hood is rusted in a few spots, but could be repaired
I have a RUST FREE ENTIRE cowl section that will go with the car also...just cut out the old section and weld on the new one
There's bound to be something I missed. If I were the buyer, I'd come take a look at the car in person so you can get a good look at it. I'm in Decatur, IL. (central IL) If you want to come take a look at the car or have questions, shoot me an email at [email protected]
I'll get the vin hopefully tomorrow, also. It's an H code. (originally had a 351w)
As for a price, I really don't have an idea. Make me an offer! :)
Pics will be up in the next day or two hopefully.

Thanks for looking!
[email protected]
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