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!!THIS MACH I HAS BEEN SOLD!! I don't know how to delete this post or if I can. Thank you!

FOR SALE: 1969 Mustang Mach I - $19,500
351W 2V, AT, PS, PDB, Candy Apple Red, Deluxe Black interior, Deluxe Console, Chrome Grill, Magnum 500 wheels, New tires and much more.

VIN: 9T02HXXXXXX, Year: 9 (1969), Plant: T (Metuchen, NJ), Body Series: 02 (Sports Roof), Engine: H (351W, 2v V8)
Door Tag Codes:
Body: 63C (Sports Roof, Mach I, Deluxe Interior)
Color: T5 (CandyApple Red w/Flat Black Hood)
Trim: 3W (on tag) (White Vinyl and White Knitted Vinyl, Mach I Luxury)
3A (actual) (Black Vinyl and Black Knitted Vinyl, Mach I Luxury)
(Don’t know if interior changed or error with code at factory)
Date: 11G (July 11, 1969) (late model year build)
D.S.O: 24 (Jacksonville)
Axle: 6 (3.00 to 1, Conventional)
Trans: X (FMX Automatic)

Options: Auto Trans, Pwr Str, Pwr Disc Brake, Air Cond, Deluxe center console, AM Radio, Day/Night rear view mirror, Sport Side View Mirrors, Chrome face grill, 14” Magnum 500 wheels, new Cooper Cobra Radial GT P225/70R14 tires.

Original drive train (all numbers match) (all service tags except for AT), car buck tag still attached on right front fender.
Excellent running condition (after 135, 297 original miles a complete mechanical restoration just completed with excellent original or NOS parts). (Details available upon request)
Body is in excellent condition - very solid - 99.5% rust free (purchased in California in 1987) (Stored since 1990).
Needs repainting (has been repainted at least twice but current finish is poor).
Interior is in excellent condition.
This is very nice 69 Mach I. It is fully driveable. Currently has 15 miles on just finished original engine rebuild.
Options available: 4V conversion (cast iron or Ford aluminum midrise intake), shaker air cleaner and hood, Toploader 4-speed conversion.

I can be contacted at:
Email: (send me your email address and I can send you complete condition details and photos)
Phone: (850) 678-7276 (home) (leave message), (850) 420-1575 (cell) (text or leave message)
Niceville, Fl (Florida panhandle near Ft Walton Beach & Destin).

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No, it didn't. I was bit surprised by the amount of interest, but, I think I found a great buyer who will give it love and care that it deserves. Thank you for your response to my post. P.S. This will be my first time without a Mustang in 49 years. My first Mustang was a 1966 purchased in 1970. I purchased my first 69 Mustang in 1977.
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