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I'm replacing standard (cheap) mirrors on my 1969 fastback with 1969 racing mirrors. Does anyone know if the joystick end of the 1969 remote driver side racing mirror comes off the cable? It doesn't look like it's meant to be removed. If not, do I just drill a big hole in the door skin for the joystick? How big?
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The joy stick should not be removed from the cable. It's a monster to repair those. If you have a 69 mirror then the joy stick is set up to project to the rear through a hole in a chromed plastic bezel that mounts in the door panel. Most door panels have a shaped die cut section that can be removed to accommodate the bezel. The joy stick then slips through the bezel and is retained by a chrome "nut" that threads down on the joy stick shaft. If you have a 70 mirror as I do on my convertible, you have to drill a large hole in the door panel at the right height and then insert the joy stick and thread it down with the larger chrome nut on the 70 joy sticks. BTW, the 69 joy stick is set up for a straight in mount in the angled bezel while the 70 joy stick is set up for a 90* mount through the door panel. IIRC, they also operate reverse of eachother because of the different alignment. The 69 has a flat spot on the joy stick shaft that aligns with the outside of the bezel. The 70 has a flat spot that aligns downward. If you turn the 70 assembly to fit the flat spot in the 69 bezel, the cables will be pointing at the door panel (e.g. shesa no fit). That is in spite of a what the catalog people tell you since they sell the 70 model as a "69/70" remote sport mirror. Besides, the large chrome nut they provide (70 type) wouldn't even fit in the 69 bezel.
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