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1970 Mach 1, have the original window sticker and sales contract. Car is in the Dallas area. Sold originally in Houston area, 3 owners. 351C with automatic/ 9". Car has 124,000 miles. Very original, no rust car. Originally blue, now a pukey brown color, black deluxe interior. Original wheels and Mach hubcaps. I have the receipts on the full engine rebuild at 110,000, trans rebuild, Complete suspension rebuild, etc. Sevices and repair receipts in the folder.

Why am I selling this car? My son bought the car 3 years ago. He got hit in the parking lot. Required the replacement of the left front fender, bumper, valance, left lower control arm, grille,and headlight bucket. I replaced the fender/HL bucket with an original, Bumper and valance with a repo, and the foglight grille with an NOS part. I have USAA insurance, and they determined that although the damage was not that much, repainting the entire car ($6,000 +) exceeded it's value, so they X'd the car. It was not totalled, and I retained the title, but they will not insure it to me or my son anymore. I could trade it and get a different one, but this VIN cannot be insured by any of my family with USAA, so the car has to go.

So all the damage has been fixed, and the car is in partial primer. It has the front spoiler, rear window slats, and rear wing. It has new door panels, and a new dash pad. I has the Sanden Air Rotary compressor, but the vaccuum whatevers for the heater/AC are not working, so it will not flow cold air.

Mechanically, very good, the receipts are numerous.

Body: Excellent, about 20% in primer. No rust repair ever needed or done.

Interior: C+. New dash, door panels. Headliner is fine. Seats show some wear, kind of lumpy. Heater panel was "fixed" by my son, so obviously, needs work now. Some of the interior top fiberglass is cracked/missing parts. Console has some cracks. Carpet is OK, but not perfect.

I will be out of town til Sunday on a Boy Scout Campout, but can email some pics when I get back.

I am open to a partial trade for a 65 - 68 also.
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