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1970 Mustang Bracket Questions

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My car came with two separate idler pulley / compressor support brackets (loose), and the items are identical except the idler pulley is in a different location. Is there a correct one for a 1970 Mustang 351C with A/C & P/S? Or does it even matter? The photo below has one on the car and one in my hand.

On my P/S pump, I have a 1972 pump that Chock rebuilt with the correct fittings, and it fits in the bracket but the nut on the back isn't centered in the u-shaped holder in the back of it. I can't get the bolts to align with it centered, but can get them secured with it as shown below. The pump pulley is off angle a bit, and I am thinking it might be the bracket is slightly bent. Would it be better to just get a new bracket, or massage this one a bit to get the pulley aligned?

I have no idea whether any of these brackets were on the car at one time or were purchased elsewhere.

Edit: I did go out and coerce the brace on the pump with the back of the bracket centered on the nut, so maybe that one is resolved. I will see if that fixes the issue with the pulley angle.
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the cleveland has a very confusing 2 piece bracket system to mount the PS and AC.
the one on your PS pump is correct but it looks like your missing the other one.
Both are sort or Triangularly and need to go on in a specific way

i've got them then confused and mixed up many times. i since scratched arrows on the back with the words up and inward.
last time i had it apart it took 3 seconds to orient
As you installed Sanden style compressor, you should not need the "Fixed Idler Pulley"; installing only "Adjustable Idler Pulley" is enough as Sanden would not have the belt slop like the York style that necessitates installation of "Fixed Idler Pulley".
I have a similar setup to your 1970 Mustang on my own 1970, but mines is a 302. I use a different style mounting bracket for my power steering so I can't help you with that. But, maybe I can help with your A/C. My current A/C pulley setup only has the one idler pulley that is mounted next to the compressor

As far as the A/C setup, I believe the one currently on your engine is correct. I have the same setup on my car with the York compressor and adjustable idler pulley. The idler pulley's bolt that attaches it to the bracket is located at the top of the bracket, versus the middle of the bracket that you have. This picture was from when I still had the belt connected a few years ago. Hope this helps!
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Thanks, that helps a lot! I finally found a photo of the setup in the Assembly drawings, and it shows the pulley that mounts from the top.
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