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I have a 70 Mach 1, 428 Cj project car for sale. It needs a complete restoration. It came from the factory with a 4 speed, tach dash, fold down rear seat(missing) spoiler, louvers and the normal Mach options. The car was Calypso Coral from the factory, with the Vermillion interior.. Car comes with a CJ engine minus brackets and pulleys. It has a factory 428 CJ block which I believe is a standard block, oil pan, timing cover, valve covers, heads, crank, rods, intake manifold , exhaust manifolds, carb. It has a small in and out big block transmission with the car, along with the correct bell housing and shifter. It has a replacement Ford dash pad that was installed new 10 years ago that has one small spot in the radio opening. The car has good front frame rails and rear rails. It needs complete floors put in both sides and the quarters redone. I found a very nice 70 shaker hood to go with the car and also a good pair of front fenders and the front buckets. I also have good doors now, Plus a nice trunk lid. I also have a nice front valance to go with the car. Almost anything that you would need to redo the car comes with the car. A correct shaker assembly that has some damage to the bottom of the base goes with the car, it was dented to make it fit on a different engine.
The car also comes with new replacement floorboards.
The R code project is priced at 9,500 OBO. I will also consider trading on a nice1995-2000 Ford F-250 or F-350 Crew cab or extended cab truck with a 460, or 5.4 and also the V10 engine.

I have numerous pics of the car!

I also have the Marti report on the car which shows that the car was a factory CJ, 4 speed with the rare color combination.
Email [email protected] . Phone 304-884-7328.

Door Data Plate Information

Serial Number 0F05R105263
0 1970
F Dearborn
05 Mustang Mach 1
R 428-4v Cj Ram Air
5263rd vehicle shceduled for production at Dearborn
09/69 Built Sept. 69
63c Mustang Mach 1 Sportsroof
1 Calypso Coral Paint Ford 1730-A
3E Vermillion Clarion Knit/Corinthian Vinyl Seats
S 350 Traction-Lok axle ratio
6 Four Speed Close Ratio Manual Transmission
51 Denver Orderimg District
Dealer 76A004


Black Hood Stripe
Rear Deck Spoiler
4 speed Transmission
Optional Axle ratio
Traction Lock Differential
F70-14 Belted Tires W/Raised Letters
Sport Slats
Sport Deck Rear Seat
Power Front Disc Brakes
Power Steering
AM Radio
Tinted Glass Complete
Your car was actually produced on September 12, 1969- nine days behind schedule

Kevin Marti
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