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1970 Rag Joint

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I recently had my steering box rebuilt and thought it would be a good idea to replace the rag joint. Problem is I don't know how to remove the old one from the coupling on the steering box side (it looks like its pressed on). Do I need to buy a new coupling?
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The backside of the pressed pins are mushroomed like a rivet. You will need to grind the head flat and the press (with a hammer and punch) the pin out of the cast iron piece. The new kits have a threaded end with a nut. Hope that helps.

With what are you going to replace the rag joint? The "new" rag joints sold by National Parts Depot and others are rubber and not at all like the fractory piece (rubber instead of the layered "rag" circular piece in the coupling). I was going to replace mine until seeing the new pieces. Kept the old one as it is in pretty good shape - no cuts, splits, etc. Just a little heads up so you won't be disappointed if you are thinking of going to the repro route.

sure it's fun, but it's only a car.
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