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Numbers matching Boss 351 with 49,000 original miles - un-restored, unmolested and is in excellent condition. The car runs very strong and drive exceptionally well with plenty of power. The original paint was touched up by the previous owner and the he applied a protective clear coat to preserve the finish but does have minor chips and dings, mainly along door edges, that are only noticeable at an up close distance. The engine, transmission, interior are in excellent shape and there is no rust on the car. This car is also a documented factory variation car where the factory painted the hood with the Mach 1 stencil making the car even more valuable. This Boss is a multiple car show winner and was featured in Car Craft Magazine.

VIN: 1F02R179554 and data plate information is Body 63D, Color 6, Trim 5B, Axle V, Trans 5.

All of the original Boss equipment is present along with power steering, Traction-Lok, Magnum 500's, Instrumentation Group, disc brakes, Ram Air, racing-type mirrors, front spoiler, Mach 1 grille with sport lamps, deluxe interior, AM Radio, Console, Tinted Glass Complete.

Overall an extremely nice, drive anywhere, original car that is a lot of fun. Complete pictures located at
Price - $ 56,000 OBO

[email protected]
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