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I have the opportunity, thought I'd pass it along.
Abandoned project 1971 yellow mach 1. car is now looking like red oxide primer. Front seats and door panels are Red, rear seat and such is black; I'm sure this was a black interior car originally because I cant imagine it was yellow (100% sure original exterior color) with Red interior, if it is it'd be real rare.
Asking price is $5000. Was a California car probably in NJ about the last 20 years.
Car would only require rear (behind the Wheel house Patch panels).
Complete car Intact. Fold down all there and in place. ENgine and Trans in place. Engine and trans are rebuilt 7 years ago and job was not finished and car was put in the garage. So engine still sounds great. Car needs minor underhood finishing, exhaust and I am told the driveshaft needs to be shortened an inch or so. The shaft is installed.
Doors fenders are excellent. Trunk lid is OK needing minor work and hood is junk needs to be replaced.
Someone nicely fitted a 73 front bumper into place on the front end (safety I assume) but maintained the 71 grille.

I know that the 71 351 Cleveland M code engine is sought after and makes some really good performance.

Car also comes with some other extra parts from a 73 Mach including 73 title, Vin, wiring, dash components. And the car also has the aluminum slotted wheels like would be proper factory on a 1973.

I think car is a great deal, I don't have the space for it but owner asked me to place it up on line for him. I have sold a car like this in the past couple years for in the $12k to 14k ranges, this car needs in my opinion $5k to be that caliber (and this number could go up or down depending on your body man).
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