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Offered for sale here are the five tapes listed below. The condition (based on appearance) and price of each is listed, as well as pictures of each that follow the list.
I have just received each of the Tapes back from having them all been given a "Tune-Up" by professionals. The Tune-Up included cleaning, replacing the foil splice that is used to "tell" the Tape Player when to change channels, replacing tape pads if necessary, and testing the tape following the above. Thus, from a functional standpoint, these tapes are "Like New".

I had always been told by the "experts", that while these 30-50 year old tapes might play fine "now" ("now" having been over 40 years ago), that it was just a matter of time that they would break at the foil splice. This is actually a fairly common occurrence with these old tapes. As a matter of fact, before listing the tapes noted below, I wanted to be sure that they all played, and in so doing, two of them broke at the splice.

At that point, I decided that rather than have someone purchase a Tape that may only play one time (the "one-and-done" syndrome), and then break at the splice, I would take the additional time, along with additional expense, and have all of my extra Tapes (other than the one noted as Factory "Sealed") "Tuned-Up". Thus, you will be purchasing a Tape that will not only play correctly now, but also in the foreseeable future. I trust you will find the wait, and the added expense, well worth it.

All prices include shipping to the Lower 48. Shipping beyond the Lower 48 may be able to be arranged at additional cost.

PayPal preferred.

Send PM if interested.

Thanks for looking.



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