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2 ??'s interior and headers

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Has anyone ever used pony seat covers to re-do a bench seat? I spoke with a gentleman that does upholstery for classic cars and he said that it should not be a problem. He says that the bench seat backs are the same as the bucket backs and that it is not difficult to add in the piece to connect bucket seat covers to fit a bench seat. Has anyone here done this?

Second, I want a little performance increase when it's time to redo the engine. I know I've read here that a couple of you have used shorty headers. Question - do they bolt up to the original exhaust, or do you have to manufacture the H pipe with flanges?

As always, thanks for the help.
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I have a bench seat that I am going to make into a couch and I'm going to do the same thing. The bench I have looks as though it has already been spliced with a single seat cover as one side is white, the other is parchment so I'm sure you can have a good upholstery shop do it.
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