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I am currently in the process of turning my 65 strait 6 into a 289 hipo. I have already got all of the front and rear suspension for a 8v (and I mean every little bit) off of a 66. Now its time to focus on getting the engine going. It just so happens that a freind of the family is the executor of an estate where a 1970 302 2v coupe was abandonded by a former care taker. So now I am doing a lean sale on the 70 coupe. All that i have to do is pay the 40 bucks on the paper work and its mine. My plan is to take its engine, tranny, and drive shaft out to use on my car. I know for sure that the 302 engine will work fine for what i want. I already have a performer intake, 600 holley carb, and true hipo heads (I am not worried about getting original parts at all).So I know i'm set for the engine. But my question is about the radiator, and the pulleys. I know that the radaitor and pulleys line up much differently on the 70 then the 65. Would it be cheaper to have the 70 radiator modified at a shop or buy one? Also what will I have to do to the tranny to make it work on my 65 (ie. linkage to the pedals and so on)? So basically any info that I can get about what to do with my 70 parts to make them work in my 65 would be greatly apprecaited. I have already read the faq on changing a 6cyl to a v8. I also would like to add that this is my first mustang.
Thank you
Aaron Schroeder

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You have a good start with the suspension. Now you need tranny, rear end and brakes. That will be a fun job.

You should consider making a really hopped up Six cyl. It is almost cheaper to go and buy a car that has an original 289 in it for what you are looking at spending. I have a six cyl and I was considering the same thing. With some inginuity you can have a bad ass 6 cyl car.

I recommend Clifford 6 cyl performance page

and also the Inline 6 performance forum

these are good resources.
Where are you located? If you really decide to ditch the 6, I could definitely take it off your hands if you were nearby.

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Building a V8 itself is the easy part. It is the chassis mods that are the tough/expensive part. You said you had 'all' the suspension. Does that include the entire rear end? All the steering linkage? Spindles/hubs/brakes? How about exhaust? Throttle linkage? If you will be building a powerful engine, you might want to consider doing disk brakes - I certainly would. Is that rear end adequate? The radiator should not be skimped on. I'd get at least a 3-row with a shroud. Search the old forum for 'convert' or 'conversion'. You'll find this subject discussed pretty thoroughly. Sounds like it'll be a fun project!

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Ok this is why i was trying to be very detailed. Yes I do have the tranny, rear ennd, and brakes. I really did mean all the suspention. Spindles, hubs, steering linkage, rear end and brakes. The only things I didn't grab were the drive shaft, exhust (getting all new exhaust with flowmasters) gasline-hardline (I know its a must or else vapor lock, I'll get one soon), and throtle linkage. I took the suspention and blasted it and painted it. I also put new brakes in. I would love to put disk brakes in but its more money than I have right now. I would also love to put aluminum head in but again they cost alot of money. So far I have made out like a bandit. $250.00 for the entire suspention( I had to take it all off my self- thanks again Dave). $215.00 for a edelbrock performer 289, and a holley 600 cfm ( only use for 6 mon). $40.00 for 1970 302 2v coupe (engine, tranny,drive shaft, and ? I need to know what else I can use). 470.00 for a set of original hipo heads with comp cams. So for the most part I have avoided any major expenses. I still need to paint, the car, and replace the interior so I won't have the money to spend on disk brakes or aluminium heads. I just want to know what else from the 70 coupe I can use in the 65 to turn my 65 into a hipo. Also what I have to do to the parts from the 70 coupe to make them work in the 65 (ie stuff like the throttle linkage, radiator, tranny)? I apprecaite all the help.

thank you
aaron schroeder
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