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Title says it all.
I found out that the bolt is a special torque bit which i have in my tool set but then i tried to bust it loose going righty tighty, lefty loosey... then found out it is very likely a reverse threaded bolt which means righty loosey , lefty tighty... so with my breaker bar i attached to my ratchet and put lots of force on the bolt turning CLOCKWISE to loosen.. am i doing all of this right?
The bolt hasnt budged once and i sprayed some rust and carbon inhibitors on the face of the bolt and everything i could that was exposed....
tried it again and somehow ended up slipping which kind of stripped the star pattern inside the bolt..
What do you guys recommend i do at this point? would it be safe to heat it up with a torch and beat it with a hammer to knock some of the rust loose? I have a big job starting my work tomorrow at 7 and my life is nearly ending over this fkn BOLT!
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