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Hey guys,
I'm going to be doing a 5.0 swap in my '66 Coupe and have the original 200 straight 6 and auto trans available.

The entire package is currently running and can be seen running before removal. (Maybe I'll take videos and start pulling it out). I believe the engine was rebuilt 90,000 miles ago and is actually a good sounding and performing engine. It has a Holley 1940 non SCV carb with the original vacuum advance distributor. Has Pertronix ignition (was one of the first mods I did when I got the car as I couldn't help myself). I believe that this combination was never right as it should either be an SCV carb or a mechanical advance distributor. Has brand new leads and plugs and all that stuff. I did all that when I got the car about a year ago and have probably driven it 200 miles if that.

To be honest I have no idea what this is worth, so open to offers. Its currently in the car and any of the other 6 cyl bits are welcome to go with it (radiator, hoses etc etc).

I will say as far as I understand it it isn't a 1966 block, actually a few years later. Someone here on the forum pointed that out in a picture I once posted.

Let me know if you are interested and we can talk more. Located 30 mins east of Downtown LA.

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