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Time to clean the garage of 289 small block Ford parts:

A lot of potential here and a good start, but unfortunately not with me as I have too many other projects. I would love to see the dated block go to someone that it can help.

The Block: C5AE – build date January 24, 1967 - .030” overbore
The Heads: E5AE – Modified by Indy Cylinder Head (also known as Aerohead Racing). 1.90” intake valves, 1.605” exhaust valves (1985 heads originally with 1.78/1.46 valves. Chamber size 67.5-70.5 cc)
The Crank: 289 – Standard Journals Main and Rod
The Rods: 289 C3AE-D

The block is clean, the heads unused. Crank is ready to be used.


The cylinder heads were bought new in the late 1990’s for a 289 engine I built, but I wasn’t happy with the way they looked when they showed up. See the photos. The big valves were installed, but the heads weren’t ported under the valves to take advantage of bigger size so I used another set.

I also have pushrods, new lifters, a second set of new valve springs, a new double roller timing chain, front cover…

$300.00 obo - Located in Atlanta and I need to the room!


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