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Hey guys pulling the heads was easy as pie. i noticed some of my vavle stem seals had worked there way up the valve or something like that. there in the shop right now actually.
my short block looks real good. so im going to change the stock cam . heres my specs. can someone recomend a good cam for my car if i give the full specs. thanks!
65 mustang. coupe.
289 c code. flat top pistons. stock c5ae heads.
stock manifolds,dual exhaust. 2 1/4 H pipe.. autolite 4100 600cfm carb.
c4 auto .from 72 with large input shaft. stock converter.
8 in 3:00 rear end. w traction bars. that dont work. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
i mean, ive looked at the stock specs.. and the smallest cam that is aftermarket. is much more aggressive. I want the sound..and maybe a little more power up be able to rev to about 5or 6k easier..but i dont want to loose the torque down low.
I am worried about P to V clearance problems with a stock short block...anyone know whats considered safe?
Thank a million!

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I just put in a Comp Cams Magnum 270. I had no piston to vavle clearance issue's, however my pistons do have valve notches in them so you should check. I run this cam with a weiand stealth intake, port 66 heads with stock valves, 10:1 compression and headers.


The best thing you can do is call either Comp Cams or Crane Cams. Tell the tech EXACTLY what you want and EXACTLY what you have. They'll then recommend the right cam for your application.

Remember also, it's never as simple to just replace the cam. You'll want to match the valve springs, replace the lifters & timing chain etc. I bought the complete matched kit for around $350. This included cam, lifters, retainers, locks, seals, timing chain and lube - all matched for my cam.

Have fun! Installing the right cam can really wake up your motor!

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The Edelbrock Performer cam is not a bad cam for an otherwise stock drive line. 204/214 duration, .448/.472 lift.
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