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289 Emblem

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I just got a 289 Emblem that I haven't seen on any Mustang. The part number is C5OB-16237-A. It has 289 on a red chevron between crossed checkered flags. In a way, it resembles a Corvette emblem. Looking at it from the reverse side there is the number one by a mounting post on the left side and on the right side there's the number 5535. What car(s) were these used on?

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I believe it's the one used on 65-66 Fairlanes.

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I had one like that on my 66 Ranchero and I've seen 'em on 66 Fairlanes as well. I believe the 65 Fairlane used the Mustang type emblem.

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In my '66 Fords America's Total Performance Cars brochure it shows pictures of several different styles of '66 Fairlaines with these emblems.

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