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289 engine build thread.

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I'm starting this to post progress on my engine build. My son and I are going to put this engine together.

I have gotten a 1965 289 block. It's cleaned, decked, and bored .040 over. The shop is going to install cam bearings, soft plugs and paint it black. Then we will start working on the crank shaft. ( I still have to get that out of the old engine )

I will be reusing the heads from my old engine and anything else that I can salvage.
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Well 09Frank65 guess that's an opportunity missed. Hopefully some one else in need will see it and pick it up. I got this block for $200 cleaned and magnafluxed. I still have to pay for the boring and the rest of the work.

I will post pictures once I get the block home and start on the assembly.
Most of what I've read and researched says that .080 is a far as you should go on these blocks. That's one of the reasons that my original block is no good. It's already there. I'm excited about this project. I think it will be a fun learning experience with my son. I remember rebuilding a lawnmower engine with my dad. This is a much bigger project and much cooler!!
Well, my previous engine was bored .060 over and the only times I had problems with overheating was when the water pump went and when I had a leak in the radiator. I drove the car as a daily driver for about 5 years. Everything I've read has told my that I'm fine with this.
Well I'm not going to be building race engine. I'll be staying pretty close to stock. If cost's allow I may put a 4 barrel carb on it and I probably will port the heads a little but really that's basically the extent of it. I just want to be able to cruise around a bit and maybe feel a the power of a classic V 8 a little. No street outlaws for me!!
Well good news. My son and I got the old engine apart tonight. So next week I'll be able to drop the crank shaft and pistons with the connecting rods off at the machine shop and see if they can be reused.
I know you guys love pictures so here are a few for you. These are of the old block, and the crankshaft and the camshaft. I'm going to try to reuse the crank (after is gets checked out by the machine shop first) but the block and cam are junk.


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That block is already at .060 over. There's no room left to bore.
I have a new block. It's all ready to go. I delivered the crank shaft and connecting rods to the machine shop today. We'll see how it goes with them. Hopefully it won't take much to recondition them and they will not have to be replaced.
Stopped by the machine shop today to check on the crankshaft. Good news it's reusable. They are grinding it now and they have all the connecting rods cleaned and ready. Once the work on the crank shaft is done we will be ordering the the engine kit with all the bearings, pistons, timing set and cam.

Any suggestions on the cam? I'm currently figuring on just getting a stock cam as it looks like I'll be using the two barrel carb that I currently have. Doesn't look like there will be money for an upgrade to a 4 barrel.
Well, my new block has been sonic checked and is supposed to be good. I'm not worried about the bore. I'm not building a race engine. It should have a pretty easy life from here out.
I'll have more wrench turning and pictures once I bring the block home. I'm currently waiting on the crank to be done.
Ok, I have some progress to report. I brought the new block home today. I also picked up the crankshaft. both are all machined and ready to go. Engine masterkit is on the way and the machine shop will be putting the pistons on the connecting rods when it comes in.

That's my son in the pictures. He and I are going to assemble this engine as a father/son project.


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Pistons and the rest of the parts came in today. We will be assembling soon. I'll post pics as we start.
Here are the new parts! I also included a picture of the block painted, and a picture of my timing cover.


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Well this block was sonic checked before I bought it. It checked out ok. That's why I went ahead with it. Won't know for sure if I made the right choice until it fires up and runs a bit.
Ok, here are some assembly pictures. We put in the cam shaft and the crank today. We used assembly lube on the cam journals, and moly grease on the lobes. Torqued all the crank journal bolts to 60 ft lbs in sequence 20 ft lbs at a time.


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Yes. They did that at the shop. I blew it out good with compressed air as well.
Ok, so I took the heads in and bad news one is shot. It's cracked in several places and is not worth repairing. Machine shop is looking for another head. I'm wondering is it worth it or should I just get new heads. By the time I get everything done to the heads that needs to be I can get a new set complete with valves from Summit for about the same price.
These would be cheaper than fixing mine would have been even if they both were good and they have everything already done.

1966 1967 289 Ford Mustang Cylinder Heads | eBay
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