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289 Headers

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I was thinking of adding the vintage TRI-Y headers to my 65 fastback. It has the original single exhaust and am wondering if the TRI-Y headers are good or should I use some others, i.e. Hooker or even use the shorty style.

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Make sure to get ceramic or Jet coated. It is worth the extra $. They will last longer and will not Rust as fast.

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289 (rebuilt with JE, Eagle, Arp)
Edleborck RPM Heads
Comp Cams hyd roller, Crane 1.6 rockers,
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I decided on Hooker headers based on price, size, reputation and advice from others. The vendor was "Internet Racer Supply" out of Texas and the total with shipping and reducers was less than $225 for new stuff!

UNDEAD Raven '65 A-code 2+2
I had tri-y's on my 65 and never had any problems with them, leaks, rust or otherwise. They were painted with ceramic high temp paint.

69 M code, 4spd, Mach 1(project)
I would buy the Tri-Y's because:

1) Better ground clearance
2) Great torque!
3) Can be installed and removed without lifting engine.
4) Are "more period correct"
5) Readily available

For trouble free performance, I would definitely install Stage 8 locking header bolts
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