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we are factory direct Dealers of McLeod clutches. We made a very large quantity purchase and are offering a 289 Hipo/Boss 302 Package featuring the following:

28 Oz balance steel flywheel
10 1/2 Original Long style Pressure Plate
10 1/2 Disc with Carbon Kevlar facing and organic
throwout bearing

price will be $675 Postpaid if prepaid by check or MO! A savings of $70 This stuff is heavy - normally shipping alone is $40+
CC payment add $15
28 Oz Balance aluminum flywheel with steel face add $175
Contact us if you want organic face disc or other clutch needs!

Shelby Parts and Restoration LLC
2215 Oconnor Rd
Green Bay, WI 54313
(920) 434 3645
[email protected]
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