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289 in a 6 cylinder body

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I bought a 66 with a exterior and a decent interior but it does not have a engine or trans. THe previous owner had a 289 in it but he took the 289 out before selling the car. What engine do I put in it. The Vin calls for a 6 cyl. and the frount has 4 lug bolts but he was driving it with a 289. What can I check for to see if it is set up for a v-8 or if the guy was a total nut.
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Since it has 4 lug front end, it wasn't setup completely for a V-8. The rear-end should have been changed to a 5 lug 8 or 9 inch instead of the 4 lug rearend. Do a search on this conversion and you will find plenty on the subject in past posts. There is even a website that outlines all the changes necessary.
If you decide to go with a 289, make sure that you do the 5 lug and V-8 suspension is very dangerous if you don't! The 6cyl hardware is much smaller and not built to hand the weight and HP gain.

Good Luck
That's the truth. Shoot, when I put the cam and header on my engine, I nearly broke the splines on the rearend, which is why went to an 8" limited slip differential.

The 4 lug setup (also including the anemic front and rear drums and shoes) is extremely weak for ANYTHING except a completely stock 170/200.
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