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I changed to a shaft rocker setup and have my set of Crane Gold roller rockers to sell. These fit a 3/8" stud. Includes all 16 rockers and 15 polylocks (had one break at WOT on track). I'll also include the 3/8" studs that have a 7/16" base thread (only 15 of these too).

Nothing wrong with the rockers. Here they are on the engine before tear down.

I have a new in box Milodon water pump, # 16331, std rotation with the inlet on the driver side, includes gasket.

Last is a new Edelbrock timing cover, #4250 with gaskets and crank seal. I threaded the dipstick tube since my Canton pan has it's own. When I installed this cover for test fitting, my SFI damper was too deep to fit and had to go back to my 45 yr old cover. It looks like the Edelbrock cover is about an 1/8" taller than the stock cover. I did not have a factory damper to check.

The roller rockers new are around $390, the water pump was $91 and the timing cover was $117. No reasonable off will be refused! Buyer pays freight. If you want all 3 items, I'll make a really good deal!!

Email: silverbluestang66 at
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