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289 removal question

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I'm not new to the mechanics world at all but I'm VERY new to the classic mustang world. I've been daily driving a 67 coupe for about a month now and am loving it! I've got a brand new 302 long block sitting ready to go and I'm currently on the hunt for a T5 to swap in it. I've already got all the conversion parts for the swap. Heck, I've already got all my engine dress up parts, interior parts, wheels, everything... Only thing I literally still need for this complete build that I don't have in my possession already is the tires for the wheels, the T5 transmission and the paint/body work which a friend will be doing when I'm ready.

Anyways, I'm not knew to pulling engines. I've pulled the V6 out of the offroad toyota truck that I race countless times. I've pulled the V6 out of my Ford Explorer when I rebuilt it. I've pulled the LS2 out of my F150 (blasphemy I know...) numerous times while building it.

That said though, I've NEVER pulled a engine and trans out together and it sure seems like that's the way to do it on these mustangs. My engine hoist simply has the hook at the end and I've always used a single chain bolted strategically in 2 places on the engines and been able to balance them enough to get them out.

I know there's those threaded weight adjustment bars (for lack of better terms) and I'll pick one of those up for this removal. But I'm curious... Where are people grabbing these engines when they pull them out? Two chains, with 4 attachment points I'm assuming? Any pictures?

I'm probably not diving into this until Dec. I've got an entire ford ranger cab to install, roll cage, reinstall the full interior and mount front fiberglass clip and fiberglass bedsides on first. It's an offroad race truck. I pickup the cab and fiberglass freshly painted this Sunday and will start that project next sunday. I figure I should have it ready to go by Thanksgiving'ish so once it's done the Mustang work starts next. Everything looks pretty simple and straight forward, just curious on the hot setup to lift it out of there with the least amount of hassle.


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Yeah, hood will 100% without question come off... Figure it's too easy to waste time not taking it off.
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