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3 Row Radiator - Where? How Much?

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Having problems with my 67 (289)... First my water pump is leaking, so while I'm at it, I was going to throw in a new thermostat and radiator. I still have the original 2 row in the car. Was thinking a 3 row would help the cooling a bit and wonder where the best place/price I can get one??

What is the cheapest source from parts? There seems to be a broad fluctuation in prices from different mustang parts suppliers. I've only had the car less than a month...

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Bite the bullet and get a 4 core, never have to worry about
overheating again. All the Mustang venders have them, Mustangs Plus, NPD, Sacramento Mustang.
Oreilly's has a 3 row radiator for $127 with a lifetime guarantee.
If you have a Radiator Shop where you live they may be able to get you either a 3 or 4 row core and still use your original tanks. I did this with my BOSS to retain the original look of the car, and benefit from the extra cooling capacity.
4 row, If you can afford a 4 row radiator. Why take the chance on a 3 row.
We just bought a car with a 3 row and it got hot in town, pulled it and put
in a 4 row, no problems. 5 of our cars that we drive all the time have a 4
row radiator. I wouldn't buy anything else.

This is just my opinion, if anyone ever asks me about what I run, 4 row
is the answer. We live in Calif. where it doesn't get real hot!!

Sometimes bigger is better.
Not too long ago, I bought a Modine 3 row for about 169.00 from my usual parts guy. Not a chain parts house. It is the same thickness as a factory two row core, so I can use the same fan shroud brackets. Modine is the quality brand.
I have a 3-row I'm happy with but that's with a six banger. I also live near the cool beach. I'd go 4-row for you unless you live in Fairbanks, Alaska.
I got a price quote from a friend who owns a radiator shop near me for a 4 core for about $240. the 3-cores were about $60 less if I remember correctly. For that amount, as others have said, 4-core would be your best bet!
i got a 3 core for $71.00 on fleabay from a place called Radiator Doctor, they have a lifetime guarantee. it looks OK, but i have not installed it yet
I am pretty happy with my 4 row unit. I am out here in Arizona, and with my auto trans, and a/c turned up, with the outside temps. at 112+ degrees latly, I still only run at 210-230 degrees at stop lights. Never overheated. Most of the parts houses carry the 4 cores for under $200.00, I picked mine up at Sacramento-Mustang.Com, not my vendor of choice now, but thier 4 core when installed looks like the original. Good luck. James
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